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What Do Sheep Know

Sheep know two things:

  1. Sheep know that they don’t know.
  2. Sheep know that the shepherd does know.

The Bible compares us as believers to sheep, and we need to see ourselves as sheep in our relationship to God. God is the Shepherd. Sheep can’t do anything for the Shepherd.

Many people still believe that there’s something they can do for the Lord. But sheep are committed to the shepherd because the shepherd provides for them—protects, feeds and cares for them and leads them wherever they need to go. The New Covenant is based solely on God’s faithfulness. There’s nothing that we can do make God faithful and nothing we can do to keep Him from being faithful. It’s about what God has already done to enable us to do what we need to do.

Now, if you were a general in the army, you might have soldiers willing to fight and die for you, so you might get some benefit from that. But not so with a shepherd. The sheep bring nothing to the table except to totally depend on the shepherd.

If we can get to the place where we can totally depend on God, our Shepherd, for everything, we will be exactly where God wants us to be—totally dependent on Him and the finished work of Jesus. 

It’s simple if we remember that as “sheep,” we only need to remember those two things—that we don’t know, but God does.

What He has already done for us enables us to do everything that we could ever need or want to do!


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My favorite definition of agape or unconditional love is…

…that in my weakest, worst moment (and we all know our moments) God sees me as valuable, precious and something to be held in high regard or esteem. That can feel like a tall order to believe!

I know what I am like at times. I know what I do, what I believe, what I say that makes me feel as though I’m a miserable and sometimes horrible person. Yet, agape love doesn’t look at that at all. It makes no difference to agape love (God’s love). He has placed all His love and acceptance on you through the finished work of the cross.

Don’t pursue vain and unimportant things to try and find life. The people around you and the things that we “think” we need for life in this world cannot give us true life. Only the awesome, perfect love of God can give life.

We have been told for many years that we must love God to get anything from Him or to have the anointing flow through us or have Him love or bless us. We continually feel we need to love God more so we or our children can be blessed. We’ve been told to “return to your first love” over and over again until we feel condemned and lost because we just don’t know how.

Returning to your first love is to come back to the realization that YOU ARE LOVED BY GOD. Come back to the One who loved you first. It is not something you do to get Him to love you again! His love for you has never changed, and it never will.

Pursue this love and become persuaded of its perfection, and you will be a whole person. When you find out God believes in you, you realize your potential and value.

And my friend, God believes in you and loves you with all of His heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!