Charis Bible College has four basic standards by which student progress is measured: grace, servant-hood, character, and academic achievement.

  1. Grace: You must translate the grace of God into your daily life’s principles in regard to relationship with other people. You must be willing to listen and understand the heart of your teachers and fellow students. You must see the best in people and overlook human faults. You must be able to work with those with whom you may disagree.
  2. Servant-hood: Students must be ardently devoted to the cause of Jesus Christ and be willing to put the needs of others ahead of your own desires. You must be willing to follow instructions and rules. You must be faithful in doing your assignments. You must be able to find opportunities on your own to serve the school, staff, students, and others. One way we will measure progress in the area of servant-hood is participation in fundraising activities such as the Prayer Walk. The fundraisers not only help to raise money for the mission trips, but also train a student to work for the good of the entire student body.
  3. Character: In this school this is, in part, measured by your attendance record, faithfulness in paying tuition, obeying rules and living by the highest moral and ethical standards both on and off campus.
  4. Academic Achievement: Tests are given for each class and are a primary way of determining your understanding of the material. Once all three terms of the first year of study are satisfactorily completed, you are permitted to enter the second year of study (on the next start date).



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